Top destinations for wine tours in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is destination with perfect conditions for growing grapes, wine production and sustainable development of wine tourism


There are several wine regions in Bulgaria, each of them famous with its unique sorts of grape – the sunnier and warmer South offers more red varieties, as the North is famous with its white ones. Some of the typical Bulgarian sorts are Gamza, Dimyat, Mavrud, Red muscat, Pamid and Shiroka Melnishka are very well known by the experts.

Together with the raising of tourists in the country, a big part of the wineries started to offer special wine tastings and unique experiences for their guests. Some of them even could be compared to wine chateaus like the ones in Italy and France.

So, if you are already planning your wine tour, we are representing some of the most requested wine tours in Bulgaria:

  • Along the Struma valley – a four days’ tour which will bring you to the sunniest part of Bulgaria and meet you with some of the unique Bulgarian grape varieties like Shiroka Melnishka and Sandanski Misket;
  • Through the lands of Thracians – an eight days’ tour which will lead you through the antique Thracian settlements, where the wine production has millennial traditions.