We are above all two Bulgarians who decided to return to their homeland, two persons who want to show their true selves.


Nikolay Gachovski

Touristic fakir. Solid social competence and experience in the inter-personal relations - empathic, Connoisseur of the local traditions. Organisational talent, perfectionist and altruist. A successful combination. 

He does everything with ease and smile. Conscious and reliable. He loves his family and his wonderful daughter and shows through DivineRoutes his devotion to them. 

Born in one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria  - Troyan - he identifies himself with the local saying: 'the stone weigh at its place'. Despite all the alternatives on his way, he never left Bulgaria for a longer period and he believes that he must present it as it is and as he is. Without if and when. Without comparissons. He has changed the attitudes of many international tourists, who experienced the country in its true beauty. 

About us

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